Inspiring Creative Businesses with BIGness

BIGness by SIP Management

Introducing BIGness

As part of our ongoing IP & NFT pilot project, we are proud to introduce BIGness, a concept born out of our desire to support UK based creative businesses by helping them leverage their most valuable asset; their IP.

The UK creative sector is home to many businesses and brands that fill our lives with joy and excitement through the colours of the different industries it supports. From movie, to fashion, music, theatres and video games, this sector was one of the most affected by the pandemic lockdowns and has yet to fully recover.

The BIGness concept is a beacon that aims to demonstrate how creative sector businesses can adapt to these challenges and flourish by adopting new technologies and innovative business practices.

Embrace your uniqueness and community

Creativity inspire us and bring us together_

Creative industries businesses bring us together in communities and help us connect through motions, dreams, aspirations and emotions. These connections could be face to face, through live performances, or online via social and digital platforms. However, as digitalisation often seems to erode our sense of community, it’s primordial to keep transcending our notion of togetherness and conquer the frontiers that try to separate us.

BIGness NFT and merchandise by SIP Management

Each creative or creative business it’s unique and so is their community. By leveraging technology and the power of these communities we are able to help creators and businesses flourish beyond borders.

The power of creativity and IP

As we previously mentioned in our post about creative sector IP, Creative industries businesses heavily depend on copyrights and other intellectual property (IP) assets to thrive. Hence at SIP Management we are making their whole