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Who are SIP Management?

SIP Mananegement is a brand of Solomon IP Management ltd, a UK registered company. We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs of engineering and creative background , set out to provide affordable IP Management tools and services to individuals and businesses in the creatives and tech industries.

What are Blokchain Certicates?

Blockchain is an immutable digital ledger that attach a unique hash ( numeric value ) to the content of a file.By registering your document on our IP Vault, you are creating an undeniable record of the content of that file in time. Our blochchain Certifictes are a receipt of your transaction and provide you with a globally accepted time stamped proof of your creation. The most advanced tool to protect your copyrights in the digital world.

Do the Blockchain Certificate carry legal value?

Yes, blocchain based time stamping and hashing are accepted throughout leading legisltation such as:

  • European Union ( Regulatory Framework 910/2014/EU).
  • US ( State of Vermont, State of Arizona).
  • China.

Who is your platform for?

Our platform goal is to support the protection developement and monetisation of Intellectual Property. With tht goal is mind we support individuals and companies in IP Intensives industries and sector such as :

  • Creatives
  • Science & Research
  • Technology
We are a platform for the many, providing accessible and efficinet IP management tools and solutions.

I uploaded a file on the IP Vault, is it secure?

Yes, your file data is secured as we do not have access to its content. You file is encrypted and recorded on the blockchain. We only deal with the hash issued.

How do I verify a timestamp?

To verify a timestamp you need the following :

  • The Blockchain Certificate associated with the fie
  • The Original/seed File without any modification.
The verification process is done in 3 steps:
  1. Cross check your Certificate information with the correct File
  2. Calculate the blockchain address
  3. Verify the matching hash

How do I access my member's area?

To access you member's area , click on the login icon, then click on any option from the dropdown menu.

What is the SIP Marketplace?

The SIP Marketplace is our unique Intellectual Property services focused marketplace. A one stop shop for the services you will need when thinking about your IP. Find a lawyer to support your filling process, contact a specilist to vaue you IP assets, access specialise funding provider and many more. All your need in one place., compare pricing between providers, get a quotes and choosen the most suitable.

Can I use my IP to raise funds?

Yes, you will be soon able to use our platform to raise capital for futher IP developement , through securitisation and tokenisation.You will also be able to find specialise IP finance and lenders on our marketplace.

How much does it cost?

At this point in time we offer 2 types of paid services to our users. _ One time users and non paying members: 10£ per certificate _ Paying members: 5£ per certificate Do get in touch if you would like to find out more about our pricing. Drop us a line :

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